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GT3 Italia KIT AW 2015 (RED)

This reference include all the Kit available for our GT3 Italia

BABC02B GT3 Italia Red Body Kit (complete)


BACHKIT05 GT3 Italia AW Chassis Kit (plastic parts)


Spare Parts Kit (complete):

Apache Motor (x1), Steel Axles (56mm) (x2), Aluminum Rear Rims 17,3mm x 10mm with screws (x2), Delrin Front Rims 16,5mm x 8,5mm (x2), Spherical bushings (x2), Copper Braids Oxigen free (x2), Wire Oxigen free (x2), Guide V1.0 (x1), Motor mount AW V1.0 (x1), Chassis GT3 Italia 2015 AW (x1), Titanium Screw Set, Steel Screw Set, Suspension Spring Red (Medium) (x5), Zero Grip Front Tires (x2), R1 Rear Tires (x2), Whaser 2,38mm x 1 (x2), Whaser 2mm x 0,25mm (x1), Hubs and brake disc (x4), AW V2.0 Nuts (x4), AW Crown 30Z (x1), AW Pinion 14Z (x1), Stopper BA (x1).

54.99 €
TAX included
+ Shipping cost


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